Tuesday, July 05, 2016

What if they succeed in over turning the Brexit vote ?

Only the very naive would deny that right now the EU favouring Elite is trying to figure out if it can get away with over turning the referendum vote.

Just in case you are reading this many years from now I'll list a few of the excuses, but really you just need to listen to the BBC at any time to have a stream of them pumped into your stream of consciousness.

1) Its no fair !
2) Unwashed people and poor people voted a way we told them not to. They are too thick and sub human to be allowed to vote.
3) Old people voted a way we told them not to. They are too thick and sub human and old to be allowed to vote
4) If we had another referendum the result might be one we like more.
5) It was an advisory referendum anyway - so we can just change it.

There loads more being dreamt up by Lawyers suddenly wanting to point out how tied into the EU our law is and that it might be somehow illegal to ever leave.

Those who are determined to overcome the referendum have a chance of succeeding as they have most of the power in our society.

Those of us who voted against the instructions of our government, various ( though not all ) trade unions, various left wing political parties, the BBC ( you know which way all their staff vote don't you ), the Guardian, the courts - we don't count.

Not even, according to the elite - if they over turn the result, our votes would count.

In the end it would be the extinction event for democracy in the United Kingdom. Oh an essentially ceremonial pretend form would be there to fool the unwary, but we will all know that when push comes to shove the elite will always get their way.

No one will be able to argue for campaigning for an outcome and using democracy if it is opposed by the elite.

The evidence would stair us back in the face every time. "Remember 2016"would be the refrain.

How else do people dispute injustice if not through democracy ?

If the elite have their way we will find out.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Project Regret

A lot of effort is beeing put into trying to reverse the referendum result. Remain media outlets are doing there best to help, esp the BBC - free now to revert to its bias.

You can see what is being done.

Oddly our only hope may be an EU crisis that makes getting us back in impossible.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

They are going to try and steel the referendum and take our country away for ever.

Its quite clear that the elite aren't going to stand for the referendum vote.

The BBC and MSM are busy putting out the meme that everyone's changing their minds.

They will wait till things get difficult, then offer their second confirming referendum.

This will be the death of democracy in Britain if they are allowed to get away with it.

PS In the real world ...

Source Sunday Mirror.

Don't let the elite steal the result

Take a look at @NCPoliticsEU's Tweet: https://twitter.com/NCPoliticsEU/status/746808115459391488?s=09

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vote Leave or just give up on the United Kingdom

Been a bit busy of late doing what they call the ground war in politics.

But I can't let the referendum date pass without saying I will vote Leave and I strongly recommend you do also.

In the absence of much time ( I have to be up in a few hours to start the final fight I leave you with Toby - above ).

Don't succumb to the Fear - let hope win and we can all be free again.

Vote Leave

Thursday, June 16, 2016

And when the Euro-Police and Euro-Border guards cross over from Spain what will Gibraltar do ?

David Cameron is in Gibraltar today and will no doubt be handing out more of his opportunists like being Turkey's strongest advocate, and planning the road from Brussels to Ankara.

But what those eager to vote Remain need to consider is what they think will happen when the new Euro-Police officers and EU border guards cross over from Spain. They will be immune to prosection and can extradited anyone without trial.

Still keen on the EU superstate ?

Vote Leave or just accept it's the end of your freedom.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

George Osborne tries to weoponise his housing bubble

Another day another threat from #ProjectFear.

Today's attempt to steal our country away from us with threats and bullying is being made by George Osborne - he of zero useful life experience and who had never had a proper job in his life ( but when you have trust funds you don't need one ) before his chum made him Chancellor of the Exchequer.

He says house prices might drop if we get to write our own laws, live in freedom and have our democracy back and that therefore we must stay enslaved to the EU.

Of course the high level of house prices is a scandal. The normal correction was stopped in the banking crisis by George printing money to protect those, like him, who are rich and have large numbers of assets and who didn't want their value to drop.

I hear from everyone under 35 that getting on the housing ladder is now next to impossible. Even the young Labour Stalinists complain ( yes they are confused ).

George has been keeping his housing asset bubble going with outrageous state guarantees of other peoples mortgages.

When interest rates go up, the bubble will burst.

He used the bubble to help the Conservative vote stay static in the 2015 general election ( yes folks the Conservatives didn't do well - despite the story you are fed in the media. Their vote only went up by 1% ).

So George, in true EU style, plans not to let a good crisis go to waste - even if he was responsible for it.

Today we hear Brexit will be bad for house prices ... Well here's the thing George - the future will be bad for house prices because those at the bottom can't afford the asking price.

And George Osborne is the person who is responsible for this.

PS Vote Leave's response is just not aggressive and clear enough here. Just a rebuttal won't do it guys, you must sharpen up.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The corruption at the heart of Cameron's Remain campaign

As well as the utter dishonesty of Cameron's various renegotiation positions on the EU we are now getting treated to the abuse of power.

The 9 million pounds on extremist Remain propaganda issued at the expense of the taxpayer was terrible and deeply shameful.

The social media spend to cheat by adding extra spending to the remain campaign, again tax payer funded was also deeply disgraceful.

But now a Conservative MP is accusing Cameron of pulling manifesto legislation to earn favour with the Unions that they are paying back with cash for the Labour Remain Campaign.

See Guido's report here...

Of course the #BBC is avoiding this issue ...

Friday, March 11, 2016

A Turkish EU question

So we are paying Turkey an extra £500million ( UK contribution to the EU billions of bribe money ) to take back illegal immigrants, and in exchange the EU will take the same number of Syrian refugees and Turkey gets free movement for it people inside the EU in exchange.

Now - what is to stop Turkey giving citizenship to those illegal immigrants it just took back and then they have the legal right to travel to the EU anyway ?

Surely the EU hasn't been that dumb has it ?